The ocean has a lot to offer. Join us in exploring the wonders of the fascinating blue sea and  learn an interesting fact each day. To discover further fun facts, simply click on the picture above.




Kids…Bring your parents diving. For our young adventurers the bubblemaker program introduces the thrill of breathing underwater.


An introduction for total beginners to the incredible underwater world.



From entry level courses such a Scuba Diver and Open Water right the way up to professional level courses such as Divemaster, Assistant instructors, or choose from one of the 20 different specialty courses available.

Photo 7 Local DivesLOCAL DIVES

Taba Diving Centre offers some fantastic local dives for both experienced and new divers in the crystal clear sea around Cape Grecko.



You can choose from one of the 3 local wrecks (Nemesis, Liberty and Kyrenia) or the world famous Zenobia Shipwreck … voted one of the top 10 wrecks in the world.