About Us


… are friendly and fun loving.

Group sizes are kept to 4 or less for a more personal touch on all dive courses.



As part of the Pernera Beach Hotel we have amazing facilities. Located righht on the beach with a sun deck and swimming pool next door!



Photo 9 Marine LifeMARINE LIFE

There is abundant marine life around Cape Grecko. Turtles, Octopus, Many species of fish, Sea Horses.


The most popular sites are around the Cape Grecko Marine reserve where you will find crystal clear waters and fascinating underwater features such as caves, swim throughs and wall dives.


What We Offer

Courses at all levels from absolute beginners to the most experienced diver.  Exciting local dive sites and the stunning Zenobia shipwreck.

Taba Diving Centre has won the prestigious PADI Education Awards for the high standard of our courses and numerous “recognition of excellence” awards.

We recently received the award for 30 years service and the Award for Introducing New Divers to the sport.