Just a 5 minute boat trip from the Golden Coast fishing shelter in Pernera.

The Nemesis III was a fishing trawler built in France in 1956.

The trawler was sunk in December 2013 in 23 metres as part of a new artificial reef and marine reserve initiative co-funded by the EU.

As a new wreck it is in excellent condition.








Also just a 5 minutes boat ride from the Golden Coast Fishing Shelter in Pernera.

This wreck is sunk in the same area as the Nemesis … an area designated as an artificial reef and marine reserve.

The liberty wreck is a small Russian cargo ship sunk in May 2009 with an overall length of 37m and width of 10m. Situated in 24-28 metres.








The most recent wreck to be sunk in the Protaras and Agia Napa area (in 2015).

Not to be mistaken with the 4th Century B.C. Greek merchant ship of the same name.

The modern Kyrenia wreck was a motorised patrol boat which once was equipped with a front mounted machine gun which was sadly removed prior to sinking.

Its sits in 24 metres just of the coast of Agia Napa.









The Zenobia was a Swedish roll on roll off ferry, fully loaded with 104 trucks and trailers.

Registered to carry 140 passengers, she sunk on her maiden voyage on 7th June 1980 off Larnaca Harbour (just 1500 meters from shore).

She is currently laying on her side in a depth of 42 meters and is so massive that the uppermost side of the wreck is in only 18 meters!



The Zenobia shipwreck is one of the top 10 wrecks in the world and is one of the most popular diving attractions in Cyprus.

The history and intrigue over her sinking has led to a wide range of rumours as to the causes, ranging from computer error to insurance scams and middle eastern security forces.

The most popular theory been a fault in the computerized ballast system, causing the ship to list heavily.

The Zenobia is now a protected artificial reef with its own ecosystem and many species of fish including Barracuda, Groupers, Bream, Jacks, Trigger Fish and Moray Eels.

The Zenobia wreck is an absolute must for all serious divers.