Local Dives





A very pretty little bay- an ideal site to begin your diving holiday with calm, crystal clear waters. Maximum depth 10 metres. As we swim over the reef you will see many amphorae broken into little pieces. There is an abundance of fish and various statues which make very good photo opportunities. Very easy entry and exit.


A lovely relaxing start to the dive with lots of underwater scenery. 15 minutes into the dive we drop onto the roof of a large cavern and can swim through a large opening in the roof and out of the front at 18 metres.



This could well be the site of the loveliest reef in Cyprus! When we follow the path down to the entry point you will notice Cyclop’s Cave on your left. Depth ranges from 6 metres to 30 metres depending on the dive’s objectives and divers’ qualification level. The underwater scenery is dramatic with large rocks and walls and a variety of fish and vegetation.


On the opposite side of Cape Greco you will enjoy this lovely dive – a favourite with many! You will experience diving through small caverns and caves. All caves have entry and exit, and most importantly, light, so you don’t need a torch. Don’t forget to look behind you when you exit the caves – bubbles escaping from the tunnels – quite a sight. Maximum depth for this dive is 14 metres and you may exit the water through a blow hole in one of the caves – fantastic. Another good site for underwater photography.



We park our vehicle outside a small chapel which is built on top of a large cave. After kitting up we follow the pathway down to the cave and enter the water with a giant stride entry. We can dive to the left or the right of the wall where the depth ranges from between 15 and 30 metres. You will see sponges, underwater vegetation and a variety of local fish, together with octopus as well as large areas covered in broken amphorae.


The entry point for this dive is directly above a cliff wall that descends vertically from the surface to 15 meters.

The wall provides numerous hiding places for aquatic life. Once at the bottom take a look at the “Ski Slope” which cuts a sandy swathe through  the sea grass. descending from 18-30 metres.


A lovely quiet bay at the start of Cape Grecko.

This dive site is a common haunt for local Turtles, sea horses and boasts some old stone columns at the far side of the Bay.