Wreck Diver

Started on June 24, 2024

Whether sunken on purpose to create an artificial reef or lost because of an accident, wrecks will give you a glimpse in the past. It does not matter if it is a ship, plane or car wreck, it is usually full of marine life and fascinates many divers.  Hoping to discover things other divers might have missed.

The Wreck Diver course is one of the most popular specialties and offers rewarding adventures while you are exploring wrecks following prudent wreck diving practices.

You will learn how to, survey a wreck, how to use a line and reel and safely explore the inside of wrecks whilst avoiding common problems and hazards during wreck penetration.


You will do 4 wreck dives during the course over the duration of at least 2 days.

For the theory part of the course, you will have the option to study in your own time and speed at home using PADI e-learning.