MUSAN for Beginner

Started on July 21, 2024

If one dive is not enough!

In 2021 MUSAN, Museum of Underwater Sculptures Ayia Napa, opened its gates to welcome diver and snorkelers and because of its depth restriction MUSAN is accessible for ‘experienced beginners’.

This dive package is designed for people who would like to visit MUSAN but never dived before and it includes 3 dives.

Your first dive is in Blue Bay. After a 20-to-30-minute classroom session, we drive to the beach, practice some skills in shallow water and explore the bay. It has a maximum depth of 6 metres. We will feed some fish, you have some pictures taken and with a little bit of luck, we might even find a sea horse.

Your second dive is at Green Bay. Because you just have done your initial dive, we can go straight for the dive. We will feed the fish again, have a look in the statue garden and if we are really lucky, we might even see a turtle feeding on some sea grass. The maximum depth is 10 metres.

Your third dive is at MUSAN! After the short trip to the Ayia Napa harbour, we will board the boat which drives us to the dive site. So instead of entering the water from the shore, you will jump of a boat and follow a reference line to the bottom. The maximum depth is 10 metres. During the dive, you will explore the underwater museum with its 93 sculptures.

Once we meet for your first dive, we will arrange the other two. We spread the dives out over at least two days.

Our group sizes are limited to only 2 students per instructor or one family per instructor.

In some exceptional circumstances we might have to re-schedule the dive at MUSAN due to adverse weather conditions.