Started on June 24, 2024

In 2021 MUSAN, Museum of Underwater Sculptures Ayia Napa, opened its gates to welcome divers and snorkelers.

MUSAN consists of 93 art installations and represents an underwater forest created by Jason deCaires Taylor. It is designed to attract a variety of sea life, which makes it a living museum.

“Among the sculptured trees, children can be seen playing. They remind us of our need for the natural world as a place to explore, discover and for our imaginations. Over the last 50 years children have become more excluded from the wild places that once existed. … The forest children hope for a future in which mystery and magic of nature will return. The need to re-wild our oceans is as pressing as the need to re-establish our connection to the natural world.”

The Museum is in front of the coast of Ayia Napa and accessible via short boat trip from the Ayia Napa harbour. We jump off the boat and follow a reference line to the bottom. The maximum depth is 10 metres and we spend around 45 minutes exploring the underwater museum.