MV Elpida

Started on May 30, 2024

Only 2 kilometres off the coast of Larnaka, in December 2019 the MV Elpida was sunken on purpose to create an artificial reef.  The name of the commercial vessel Elpida means ‘hope’ in Greek. The wreck is 63 metres long and has a width of 10 metre. The deck lies at a depth of 22 metres and the mast is reaching up to a depth of 10 metres.

The wreck offers a lot to explore. You will have the chance to see the bridge, accommodation areas, the large deck area and 2 masts. On the inside you can visit a large container area, the engine room and 3 decks including the bridge.

Although it is the youngest addition to the collection of artificial reefs in Cyprus, it already attracts an abundance of marine life. You can see shoals of amberjacks, sea breams, trumpet fish, groupers and lion fish.