Started on June 24, 2024

The Liberty ship wreck is a five minute boat ride away from the Golden Coast fishing shelter in Pernera. The Russian cargo ship was sunk purposely in May 2009 to create an artificial reef and attract marine life. The wreck is lying in an upright position at a depth of 27 metres.

Because it is sitting on a sandy bottom and its lengths of 37 metres, the wreck provides a big area for colonizing species such as algae and invertebrates. When you dive along the Liberty you will have the chance to see schools of amber jacks or barracudas, lots of rainbow wrasse and groupers and when you are lucky a variety of nudi branches.

There are also opportunities for small swim throughs trough the cargo holes. The Liberty ship wreck is located in close proximity of the Nemesis III ship wreck. That is why you could visit both wrecks in one dive, when you are an experienced diver.